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Jacksons Update 19th July 2017

Jacksons Update 2 – July 19th

Fraser is very excited about the opportunities for improving theological library provision to colleges in developing Africa.  His combination of skills and experience are exactly what is required for developing these services.  Better resources for students will have a great and strategic impact on the strengthening of the church throughout Africa.

NetAct is asking Mission Africa to second Fraser to their base in Cape Town.  The Mission Council will meet to discuss this on July 25th.  Pray that the Council will be clearly led to the right decision.

NetAct also develops ways for people to put their faith into practice in the community.  Dawn’s experiences with BRICC and InReach mean that this could be an area she could beneficially be involved in.

We feel that this is the direction God’s pointing us in.  We would like to be able to go out with Mission Africa but await the Council’s decision.  We very much appreciate your continued prayers and financial support.