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Jacksons Update 1st Sept 2017

Jacksons – September Update 1

Thank God that our police clearance certificates from both the UK and Nigeria have arrived.

Every time we look at the requirements for South African long-term visas, we find another document to be acquired or certified at a cost. Pray we’ll see clearly what we need. 

Fraser will apply for either a long-term volunteer’s or a visitor’s visa.  We are unsure whether Dawn should apply for a visa as a volunteer in her own right or apply for an accompanying spouse visa.

Please pray that we’ll know which is best – to go as an accompanying spouse we’d have to get an apostille (government proof) to our marriage certificate at an additional cost – as we don’t want to apply for the wrong category and be declined.

The South Africans are busy drafting invitation letters for us to present at the visa hearing.  Pray that they will arrive safely in the UK and will say all that needs to be said.