Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons – Update 2 – April 23rd (excerpts)

The government has extended the visa waiver until the end of 2023 though changed visa wording implies we can’t leave and enter the country with it.  Our Wellington congregation were very pleased and the Drakenstein Maximum men burst into a round of applause!  

Fraser made better than expected progress with the Mukhanyo library data and he heads to Pretoria late June for training before the system goes live at the start of July.  Updating software on the NetACT servers did not start well but was sorted out 30 minutes after last week’s prayer notes were sent out. 

There are dates in May for the Restorative Justice in Allandale and we hope to hold RJs at Drakenstein Medium A (adults) and B (juveniles) this year – but there is opposition.  Pray.  

Hylma, Dawn’s 79 year old Drakenstein prison ministry colleague, hopes to relocate to England by the end of June.  Hylma has had a severe back problem recently but the men look upon her as a mother. Thank God for her 19 years of faithful service in the prison. 

Dawn will most likely take over the Tuesday Bible studies, if her non-South African status doesn’t cause problems.  If she has to lead, one-to-one counselling with the list of men who want to speak to her will be impossible. 

Men in Maximum and Medium A say their lives are being changed by these Bible studies.  Pray that whoever is blocking the RJ course in Medium A be removed and that the Drakenstein area manager change or be reassigned.