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Jacksons Update 22nd Nov 2017

Jacksons – November Update 2


There was great rejoicing at Fraser’s first meeting with some of the NetAct people last week and thanks to God for a dream come true. He also has important meetings with the NetAct webmaster, with the College IT man and with the rector and dean of theology.  Please pray that these meetings will be productive


Thank God that we found a suitable little car in Cape Town on Monday.  We were flabbergasted at the efficiency of the SA police when getting proof of address before we could buy the car. It took a matter of minutes and didn’t cost a thing!


Another member of staff is currently living in the house where we’ll stay more permanently. He had hoped to move out weeks ago, but officialdom is not co-operating – a little frustrating for all of us. Please pray that we’ll all be able to settle in our respective houses as soon as possible.  


This area’s suffering its worst drought in decades, so please pray with us for some rain.


We shall probably settle in St George’s Presbyterian church. They do outreach work with Somalis near Cape Town and I see areas I could get involved in.