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Jacksons Update 2nd August 2017

Jacksons August Update 1

Mission Africa has now decided that it isn’t possible for them to extend their remit to South Africa. But a South African group, NetAct, are extremely keen for Fraser, to run an online African theological library for them, giving him the opportunity to make a huge difference to the quality of theological education and training throughout Africa for many years to come.

 We’re expecting to work freelance alongside NetAct.

The opportunity is quite amazing and it’s incredible how closely Fraser’s talents and experiences fit with the specific role he’s being asked to undertake. Tailor made. He’s also recognising how past work with HTC has been a preparation for this.

On Saturday 16th we plan to have an afternoon at the Hub (DEC) where people could drop in to chat with us.  We’re more than happy to come to Castle Street sometime during 10-19th September as well.

We very much appreciate the support the Mission Team give us. 

It’s an exciting time waiting to see what God’s going to do.  Sometimes I wish it was a bit easier but it’s tremendously worth it.