Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update, April 18th 2018

The NetACT portal looks fairly certain to be hosted here at Hugenote College, giving Fraser more freedom to organise it, but less technical support to call on.  Thank God that the server room will be on the same campus as our new house.

The NetACT partner colleges have now been asked what they would like to include on their course reading lists.  The partners gather for the NetACT AGM in July. 

The Study Centre in Cape Town seem likely to give Fraser permission to use their system and web-design for the NetACT portal.  This would save NetACT having to employ a professional company to do the technical build.

 Pray for the homework club which starts on Thursday.

 Pray for justice and mercy to make amends for the centuries of exploitation and inequality in South Africa.

 The imam in Nigeria who came to believe in Jesus through InReach has died after a short illness.  He remained firm to the end in his new knowledge of God.  Pray that many who knew him will be curious as to why he left Islam and will themselves come to acknowledge Jesus as Lord.