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Jacksons Update – April 1st 2020

South Africa is locked down.  For the millions in the townships, prisons  and remote areas without basic utilities, the pressure will be immense. There are no facilities to self-isolate when people live cheek by jowl in wooden or metal shacks.  Many are already immune-compromised thanks to AIDS, TB, drug use and malnutrition.  

Edward (the released prisoner) is leading daily devotions for his housemates in Cape Town.

Fraser had only 2 days to train the Hugenote College staff to keep online contact with their students so that they could try using the online learning platform before teaching starts again on the 20th April, probably still on an online basis.

Many students from poor areas will find it difficult to stay online, especially with the closure of libraries, the chief providers of free internet connection.

The Barnabas Fund is keen to help Bible colleges and seminaries in Africa to find ways to cope with the Covid-19 lockdown and has asked NetACT to help to facilitate this.  Fraser has online meetings on Wednesday and Friday to discuss the best ways to move this forward.

We cannot return to the UK for any reason until the pandemic situation calms down.

Ruth is alone in student accommodation in Glasgow and displaying progressing symptoms of Covid-19.