Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update, April 4th 2018

There has been exciting contact with a Cape Town organisation which makes Christian resources available online at a non-academic level.  They are keen to collaborate with NetACT, already coming up with solutions to technical challenges that Fraser was expecting to have to deal with. 

 Invited by the Head of the local High School to address the assembly after the Easter break, Pastor Christopher volunteered Dawn.  Exciting, but sometimes a bit daunting.

 We will can move into a more permanent house next week and finally settle after 5 months here.  Much of the furniture (and the house) will be provided by Hugenote College. 

 We now have plane tickets and health insurance for James and Ruth to visit us this summer.  Some things are worth far more than their monetary value.

 Pray for the safety of the Muslim converts still in their village in Nigeria.  There’s a lot of opposition towards the women.

 Paul recently led an InReach training session and, during one of the breaks, strolled out and bought food for a group of “undesirables” sitting under a tree.  He met them again the next day and introduced several of them to Jesus as Lord and Saviour.  The local pastor was convicted that for many years he had been propagating the doctrines of his denomination instead of the love of Jesus. 

 Thank God for a huge prayer gathering in an area of Cape Town where few white people had been before.  Dawn also visited a local Muslim community festival, about the only white person there.  Pray that Jesus’ followers will realise that all barriers can be overcome by His love.