Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – August 1st 2020

There is much talk from politicians about tackling gender based violence but the courts are starved of money and staff and refuges are closed down.  Pray for wisdom for Dawn as she thinks about the direction of her service in South Africa.

 Fraser has been helping to run a 3-day course on Online Theological Education aimed at African Bible Colleges.  More than 450 people signed up to attend online.

 Unfortunately, many of the speakers appear to have little knowledge of actual life in Africa, advocating techniques and equipment either not available or unaffordable to most theological colleges.  Pray that Fraser will be able to give sensitive and helpful feedback to the organisers

We may be unable to visit the prisons but have faith that His work goes on through his people (warders and inmates) whether publicised or not.

The knock-on effects of the lockdown restrictions become more apparent each day. Queues outside soup kitchens lengthen as people starve because their usual day by day work has been prohibited.  Corruption in local and national government mean that money, supposedly for covid19 relief, disappears and food parcels are not distributed.

 Pray that Dawn and Fraser would know how best to help.