Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – August 17th 2022 (excerpts)

Fraser has got the library catalogue for NETS Namibia working properly.  His re-organising of Hugenote College’s online learning system is now complete and library catalogues for Mukhanyo Theological College and Volmoed Retreat Centre in South Africa are progressing.  He has also been asked to preach at our Wellington church on two consecutive Sundays.

The Paardeberg and Obiqua Restorative Justice prisoners have just completed their final follow up sessions with Dawn.  Please pray for the man who has to decide whether to destroy his arsenal of weapons when he is released. 

The family of a man in the Medium A Bible study has agreed to visit him after 9 years.  He is nervous about the questions they will ask but he wants to tell the truth. 

A man in Maximum, though a believer in Jesus, is plagued by suicidal thoughts, probably no coincidence as 20 years ago he was into the occult and Ouija boards, with cracks the enemy can exploit, yet he never abandons his children.  A believing cellmate encourages him and points him back to promises in the Bible. 

Pray for the Hope Prison Ministry leaders and God’s vision for the future, for Ruth as she applies for grants to fund her two-year church apprenticeship and for James as he continues to look for a job. 

Please pray we would receive our new visas soon.