Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – August 1st 2018

Prisoners in this latest Restorative Justice course have spoken of how they have profited from it, one prisoner being led to tell the truth about his crime for the first time and about being truly sorry.  Many have said they wished they could have attended such a course 20 years ago!  Two Muslim prisoners took the course, one returning to the Christian faith and the other being deeply affected by the respect and love shown to him throughout.

 Despite the government department being very keen on more Hope Prison Ministries courses, Dawn cannot go to any more meetings in prison since bureaucracy requires her to be cleared for every single event and day separately.  Pray for a resolution to this issue.

 Pray that the thought of parting will not overshadow James and Ruth’s time in South Africa. 

Fraser has upcoming meetings aimed at NetACT sharing a server and getting things up and running.  He also meets senior representatives of the Dutch Reformed Church to show how online learning environments can help provide training for their ministers across South Africa.  Help in the spread of sound Christian training is a benefit of the work he has been called to do here.