Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – August 20th 2018

Once Hugenote have a new server in place, they plan to install a new Library Management System.  Pray that Fraser will be able to communicate clearly the implications of the policy and technical options that the Hugenote College library staff will have.

Pray for good communication and the ability to identify and overcome cross-cultural differences. 

 Praise that when Dawn’s car wouldn’t start on their way home from a training session at Pollsmoor prison, a neighbour of one of Dawn’s passengers was able to fix the problem with very little trouble.  God doesn’t always prevent problems from happening, but He will mitigate their effects and provide a way through them.

 Dawn’s long-term prison clearance has still not come through. Pray that it will be ready by the end of August, so she can get fully involved once James and Ruth have returned to the UK.

Please also pray for good health and safety on the roads.