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Jackson’s Update Dec 22nd 2017

Jacksons – December Update 2


Thank God for prayer being answered.  We got rain last week which should help regenerate the grazing destroyed in the fires.  We got the official traffic certificate necessary for the car.


Fraser’s business case for NetACT is now with the Stellenbosch IT department for them to add technical details. Pray that it would be ready to present to the university early in the new year.


Pray that NetACT staff will return to work in January with new inspiration as to how to embody following Jesus in their lives and courses. 


Remember the town in Nigeria where InReach is changing lives in the 95% Muslim community.  The woman who invited her Muslim friends to the group and these friends are now receiving threats.


The women were asked if they wanted to move to a safer area but one of them replied, “If I go, who will share this amazing Christ with my people?”  Give thanks for the change that Jesus brings.