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Jackson’s Update Dec 5th 2017

Jacksons – December Update 1

Thank God that we were able to pick up our car last week.

Fraser would love to see discussions on the best way forward turned into a concrete action plan. The staff at Hugenote College are apprehensive about the move to computer-based teaching.  Please pray they would be able to embrace the challenge and be open to the possibilities.

Fraser is currently writing a business case to ask Stellenbosch University to physically host the NetACT portal. Again, please pray as it’s not a procedure Fraser is comfortable with.

Dawn has met two Nigerian students. Studying at Stellenbosch is hard for them because Nigerians are not encouraged to think originally, just to take in what their teachers tell them. They find the more independent study methods expected at Stellenbosch difficult to achieve.

When Dawn told them about the intention to include study skills guides on the NetACT library portal, they were very enthusiastic and just wished it was already up and running.