Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – February 16th 2022


Dawn is back in South Africa after a straightforward journey.

Pray for Fraser’s has a zoom call on Thursday with Life Theological Seminary in Nigeria, a new NetACT partner who with no portal training yet.  Pray for the librarian there.

Our church’s elders’ retreat last week went very well – it was very clear that God was speaking.  Pray for the elders – for no fuzziness or persuading away from difficult choices.

NetACT plan a webinar on Chinese and Islamist influence on Africa in March.  Pray that it would be well publicised and for clear and direct presentations.  A lot of Chinese and Arabic money is offered to educational institutions.  The strings are not always apparent until after entanglement.

Pray for the new editor of the NetACT journal as she gets to grips with the online system.

The college in Namibia has suggested a date for Fraser to visit. Pray that his new passport arrives in time for this.

2 men in Medium A have asked Dawn for your prayers:

Rudiano wants to put God first, genuinely sorry for messed up relationships with a divorced wife, a former wife and older step daughter. Pray peace for doing God’s will.  His younger step-daughter is pregnant at 16.

Oliviero hasn’t heard from his only sister for 5 years and wants to hear from her again (her 3 children are in care because of her lifestyle).  Pray for them to make contact.

Roderick in Maximum reads his Bible but can’t trust what others say about Jesus and admits he hasn’t surrendered to Jesus yet.  He and Dawn will chat next week.

Pray for Ruth as she tries to get her coursework done.