Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – February 17th 2021

Fraser had a very positive meeting on Monday aimed at making world scholarship available in Africa and African scholarship available to the world.  A hard-drive loaded with resources to be put on the NetACT portal has gone missing in Stellenbosch University library office.

Pray for the leaders of Hope Prison Ministry as they plan for the coming year.  We hope that “spiritual workers” will be allowed back into the prisons by next week.

Dawn and Ashley have visited another minister to discuss the idea of small groups.

South African visas which have expired have been extended until the end of March, so please continue to pray that Dawn’s visa application will be properly granted soon.

The Nehemiah Bible Institute in Wellington concentrates on training ‘informal’ church leaders, some with only a Primary School education, and needs imaginative ways to use the Portal for this training.

 Young boys and adolescents are being reinforced by pit-bull owners in the idea that violence and intimidation are what makes a man.  Pray that someone will promote a healthy alternative, a model of manhood that honours God and teaches true respect, not “respect” through fear.

Inreach groups in Nigeria are closed due to terrorist threats but threats against staff in Jos continue. Pray also for the 120 people from a Muslim background who were converted through Inreach and moved to a discipleship centre last year where they now need to remain for security reasons.

It seems unlikely that we’ll be back to the UK this summer, so if anyone could arrange a video chat, a Zoom meeting or record an interview with us, please get in touch.