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Jacksons Update – February 18th 2020

Fraser is marrying up the normal Hugenote registration process with a free online course on good citizenship and also creating an offline library system for Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary.

None of the NetACT partner representatives has passed on the received training yet, being too low in their college hierarchies to organise training sessions for other staff.

NetACT is exploring setting up an online theological journal to allow scholars in Africa to be published without paying western journal prices. 

As Dawn went into Drakenstein prison today there were TV cameras and new banners commemorating thirty years since Nelson Mandela walked out of the gates. The “rainbow nation” hasn’t lived up to the hope that day brought.

Some of the prisoners revealed their experiences today, but self-discipline and perseverance are hard.

Hope Prison Ministry’s new Boland Field Director, Chantelle, was appointed after much prayer and many months’ deliberation. Pray that she will remember she felt called to the role as the enormity of the task hits home.