Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – February 2nd 2022

In 2019, a Bible study regular in prison for over 20 years for murder was on Dawn’s table in a restorative justice week at Drakenstein Medium A.  The week stirred up issues he’d wanted to discuss with his parents ever since.  His parents couldn’t attend the family day as they moved to the UK after he was sentenced, but a video chat went ahead without a hitch and various participants strongly sensed the presence of God throughout the session.   The inmate’s father said, “If what has been said today had come out 19 years ago, things would’ve been so much different.”  Dawn, still in the UK, met the inmate’s mother for a good chat.  Thank God for good opportunities.

Pray that Hope Ministry personnel will be able to support the inmate, and that his elderly parents in the UK will also find support.  This chat was the first of its kind in the Department of Correctional Services and a future possible way for inmates to keep in contact with distant families.

The NetACT executive committee need to find a suitable time for all of them to meet but a possible training trip to Namibia has opened up for Fraser almost immediately.  His passport expires in September so March will be the latest date before the 6 months’ validity rule kicks in.

The elders in our church in Wellington have a retreat on the 3rd and 4th of February.  May they be open to hearing God’s voice clearly and have the courage to follow His calling in the difficult decisions to be made.

Emirates have restarted direct flights to Cape Town.  Dawn takes her “fit to fly” PCR test on February 1st.