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Jackson’s Update Jan 2018

Jacksons – January Update 1

 Give thanks for the fortnight Dawn was able to spend with Ruth in England.

Our car has developed an unexpected fault and Fraser’s finding it hard to get the dealership to communicate. Pray that the car will be fixed in time to collect Dawn from Cape Town airport on Thursday morning. Thank God for the Church family who are ready to help if needed.

Fraser and the other NetACT staff have a meeting with one of the directors of Langham Literature next week.  Langham has a long history of supporting theological education in the developing world, including annual grants of literature to many seminaries and Bible colleges, so it is very exciting to discover how they can be involved in what NetACT is doing.

 Fraser has been suffering from an intermittent stomach upset for a few weeks.  Pray that we would be able to identify what is causing it.