Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update, July 03rd 2018

We are grateful to God for a positive NetACT AGM this week.  Christian publishers have donated over 600 books for the attendees to take back to the theological colleges in their African countries.  The books have been delayed in transit however, and we are praying that they will arrive before the attendees leave for their home countries. 

 Fraser has made a presentation on the work he’s been doing and will be following up contacts with publishers, hopefully leading to more online resources being made available.

Please remember Ruth as she travels out to South Africa this week.  She is due to arrive on Wednesday morning. 

 On the prison front, one man admitted to a prison worker for the first time that he had lied at his trial. The Restorative Justice course had opened his eyes to the need for honesty and integrity if he really wants to lead a better life and rebuild relationships.

Continue to pray that we will quickly get security clearance to visit many other local prisons.