Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – June 15th 2022


Ebrahim in Drakenstein Maximum is teaching other inmates to play instruments and now leading the chapel music group.  He wants to introduce as many as possible to Jesus and the non-believing drummer has now committed himself to the Lord.  He was teaching a regular to play the song “Still” (Hide me now) but only knew the chorus, not the melody or lyrics.  On Monday Dawn had packed a random selection of music to take on Tuesday.  One of the pieces was “Still” which she left with Ebrahim.  Isn’t it wonderful when God arranges such things?

Hylma asked Michael in Maximum 2 weeks ago to read the Psalms (probably Psalm 46).  He couldn’t believe what he read first: “Stop fighting.” How did Hylma know he’d been fighting days previously?  Hylma hadn’t known but God had and the Holy Spirit worked through her.  May he grow more like Jesus, persevere in his theology and strengthen his relationships with children and family outside.

Pray for the 6 men at Obiqua Restorative Justice follow up sessions every fortnight who see their attitudes changing.  One kept quiet when a warder scolded him in a derogatory and insulting way.  Before there’d have been a fight.  Pray they’ll break the cycle of violence and despair.

A Restorative Justice course at Voorberg Correctional Centre starts next week.  Pray protection for us all  – the enemy is unhappy when his territory is invaded.

Gideon, Medium A, is to be released on parole next week,  resolved to rely on the Holy Spirit in the outside world.

Fraser waits for final confirmation from Mukhanyu College of the level of library support they need.  It is likely he will also help provide a catalogue for the John de Gruchy library (a Christian theologian who resisted apartheid).  Fraser visits them next week for their needs on the catalogue setup.  NETS staff will provide him with what he needs for his training trip to Namibia.  (11th – 13th July)