Jacksons, Missions

Jackson’s Update June 17

Jacksons – June 6th Update

On Thursday Dawn and Fraser fly over to Belfast for the Mission Africa Conference. 

On Friday, we meet with the Mission Council to discuss our future roles. Please pray for alertness and good concentration.  Pray that God’s leading will be clearly discerned by all and that all concerned will have the courage and grace to follow whatever course he reveals.

We know that he has been preparing the way for what’s next for us and will help us through any challenges and obstacles. May God be glorified in our lives and the continued work of Mission Africa.

Pray for safety in travel, flying from Leeds/Bradford airport on election day.

We have all been hit by a debilitating bug over the last week but are glad it happened before the trip to Ireland. Pray for a recovery of strength before we travel.

Pray for a reaching out towards those enslaved by hatred, lies, fear and despair in countries throughout the world.