Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – June 3rd 2020

Many NetACT partner colleges have been able to source funding to cover lack of tuition fees caused by lockdowns.

Drakenstein prison has seen its first cases of covid19. One section is now a quarantine area.  Many of the men are immuno-compromised with HIV/AIDS, years of substance abuse and unhealthy living so are at greater risk of complications.

Hope Prison Ministry is delivering food parcels for released prisoners and the families of those still inside.  Pray that donations will continue to help as many as possible.

The team running InReach in Nigeria is being pursued by people (presumably from Boko Haram) trying to find their locations and arrange meetings with no good aim in heart.

South Africa is gradually easing lockdown restrictions, although Covid-19 cases are still rising.  Hugenote College is planning to open on 15th June.  Pray for those working out the logistics.  Churches have permission to re-open, though over-60s should still not come out.