Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – March 16th 2022 (excerpts)

The webinar on Chinese and Islamist influence on Africa went smoothly.  

 Hugenote College supplies space on their online learning system for other organisations to offer continuous professional development courses and have asked Fraser to create a separate system dedicated to the CPD courses. He had a positive meeting with the other NetACT staff yesterday, defining the role NetACT is to play in the church in Africa and will now tweak the way the internet library portal is set up. 

Dawn is leading Drakenstein Bible study for 2 weeks.  Khanya asks for prayer that his eyes would be healed to see well enough to read his Bible.  Ebrahim told God he would fight a man in his room who was always trying to demean him.  The next day the man was found with a dagger and put under discipline elsewhere in the prison.

There’s support and enthusiasm from inmate to governor level for the music group there.  This could well be an acorn which develops into an oak.

Pray for Taskforce of God, a group of former prisoners, holding several meetings at the Zebulun church.

From next Monday a Restorative Justice course will be run in Allandale prison in Paarl.  Please pray for stamina. 

Our passports are safely on their way back to us.  Pray they reach us in good time.