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Jacksons Update – March 18th 2020

Fraser is busy with a final report for the American trust who paid for the training events last year, praying that they continue to support NetACT.

Hugenote College moves to full online learning during the coronavirus shutdown, Fraser having to develop more training materials quickly.  NetACT’s Executive Committee need wisdom in deciding whether to cancel their AGM, planned for Ethiopia in July.

All prisons are closed to any visitors for at least a month. May inmates and officials, especially followers of Jesus, be ready to give answers about their rock, hope and faith.

A man at Medium A wanted to surrender a weapon which he had concealed.  It has been found where he said it would be and so there’s one less firearm on the streets.

Schools close tomorrow, a major problem in a society where people live hand to mouth – if the parent cannot work, there is no food.  If the virus gets into the township areas where people live at extremely close quarters, the effect could be devastating.

Please pray for Ruth as she decides upon the next stage of her journey in life.