Jacksons, Missions

Jacksons Update, March 21st 2018

A house has become available on Samuel campus which should provide an opportunity to get involved in the lives of students living there.  May we clearly see the implications of such a move before deciding. 

 Hugenote College could well have fibre optic internet connection by the time you read this.  Pray that the installation will go smoothly.

Pray for people who can contribute to the God-glorifying ethos of Hugenote College to be found to fill vacant posts.

 A retired English teacher is happy to help Dawn with Afrikaans.  Dawn and Pastor Christopher visited a local high school about the Homework Club and asked if they could help with anything else. The headmaster said poverty and drugs. 

 Pray that drug lords who walk the streets of Wellington will go out of business, smothered in Christ’s love.  Dawn is also thinking of a parenting course which needs groundwork and relationship building before it can start.

 A movement of prayer for repentance, renewal and rain is growing in the Western Cape.  Thousands are expected at a prayer meeting in Cape Town on March 24th. 

 Pray for our children James and Ruth studying in the UK and for good health, security and safety on the roads.