Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – March 2nd 2022


The Hugenote College academic year has now started.   Pray for new students from disadvantaged backgrounds. College life can be a culture shock for them.

NetACT has just discovered a new member we didn’t know we had!  Pray that their ‘halting’ start with NetACT won’t affect their current encouraging enthusiasm.

Dawn’s offer to start a music/song-writing group at Drakenstein Maximum has been encouraged by the Head of Education there.  Today Ebrahim in Maximum said that in 2021 he’d prayed that God would send someone to help bring music to Maximum.  He sees his prayers answered.

The men need self-awareness to appreciate how their victims feel. They can still find it hard to understand why victims react as they do years after the crime.  

A recent expense has been sending passports back to the UK to be renewed.  Almost the exact amount for courier and renewal fees has been unexpectedly given.  This sort of thing happens too often to be a coincidence.

Today Oliviero in Drakenstein Medium A told Dawn that, at the weekend, he spoke on the phone to his sister who was trying to get in touch for five years. She’d been in hospital with drug related issues for most of the time.

Daverick in Maximum, a member of the 28 gang, came to Bible study 2 weeks ago to find out more about Jesus – he spent most of his life outside trying to suppress emotions stirring within him.  He hasn’t yet decided to commit but is reading his Bible and considering it.

Dawn leads the studies for the next 2 weeks as her colleague Hylma is on holiday.  Pray for God’s help in preparing the sessions.