Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – March 30th 2022


Give thanks for a powerful week of Restorative Justice at Allandale Correctional Centre.  The 5 men in Dawn’s group came with the desire to change. 

One man admitted his guilt after hearing testimonies of 2 very different victims of rape and male abuse – a man can’t run away from what is said before him in an RJ situation.  He now wants to apologise to his victim. 

The work is gruelling (6 hours a day, Monday to Saturday).  Pray for spiritual, emotional and physical health.  Thank God for the good welcome from the prison staff.   The tables are set up –  we don’t have to wash up at home for 30 people.  It makes a difference.

The Andrew Murray Centre would like to use NetACT to make an online catalogue available for Andrew Murray’s personal library housed on their premises.   Pray for Fraser’s progress re-organising the Hugenote College online learning system.

Andre Pekeur, Drakenstein Medium A chaplain, last week sustained serious burns needing skin grafts and may lose the use of one hand.

5 men following Jesus in Drakenstein Correctional Centre try to live for Jesus in difficult circumstances.

Our passports, old and new, all arrived safely.  Fraser can now plan a NetACT training trip to Namibia and no longer needs a PCR test to travel in either direction.  He may soon do training at Morija Theological Seminary in Lesotho. 

 The first in-person AGM for 3 years is being planned for Johannesburg in June or July without NetACT founder Jurgens Hendricks’ experience to guide us.  The office staff are trying to source funding for flights from the many countries which contain member institutions.