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Jacksons Update – March 3rd 2021

A staff member from one of the NetACT partner colleges in Ethiopia has reported that the civil war/unrest in the Tigray region has left the region highly unstable. Hunger and rape are being used as weapons in the ongoing conflict.

28 articles have been submitted  for the second issue of the NetACT journal.  Based on the quality of the journal submissions, NetACT is trying to organise an online writers’ workshop later in the year.

On Tuesday Dawn had a meeting with Ashley, Heston and his wife Magdalena to discuss the discipleship groups connected with the church Heston pastors which draws its members from a Wellington area plagued by gangs.  Dawn and Ashley will be attending the Zebulun church youth group on Friday night and then having a group for adults on Saturday afternoon.

Dawn got into prison today! At very short notice but it was good to see the men in Medium A.  When asked for prayer requests, the consensus was for the ability to follow Jesus, be self-controlled and choose to love despite provocation (we had been looking at 1 Peter).