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Jacksons Update – March 4th 2020

Fraser has completed the setup for the library catalogue for Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary, and the USB has now arrived safely in Namibia.  The new Hugenote College Good Citizenship course (mentioned in the last  update) is now complete and the new online Theology Degree is gathering steam.  Some IT systems at Hugenote College are less than satisfactory and Fraser needs wisdom as he determines how much effort he should invest in them.

It’s hard to resist siren voices of a past life when not in prison – to men inside it sometimes seems impossible.  Cecil in Medium committed his life to Christ about 18 months ago but is sliding back into behaviour he’d broken from months ago.  His old gangster cellmates indulgently say they knew it was just a phase. He worries that he didn’t count the cost beforehand and the way is harder than he expected.  God is shaking Cecil up and not letting him back to his old ways.

Another man in Medium is an active believer, changed from the person he was when a murder conviction brought him to prison. The victim’s family have forgiven him and wish him well; he knows God forgives him but is frequently haunted by the memory of what he did nearly 20 years ago.