Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update, May 16th 2018

Jacksons – May Update 2

Fraser is thankful that Hugenote College, rather than Stellenbosch University, has formally agreed to host the server for the NetACT portal.

Dawn has been made welcome to help with a homework club run by another church which has at least thirty children attending each day. 

Thank God that we’re getting a day of rain most weeks now.

Thank God that no one was hurt on May 12th when our house was broken into – laptops, credit cards and Dawn’s driving licence were stolen.  Please pray for their speedy recovery.

Fraser discovered that two memory sticks with all his backed-up work were also stolen.  Nearly all his work from the last 6 months has gone.  Pray that he will find better ways to redo the work he’s lost.

Dawn had previously arranged to attend a Restorative Justice course, and will now do so with her own personal experience of the effects of crime upon victims!