Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – May 18th 2022


The NetACT journal editorial board came up with good ideas on going forward.  Some of Fraser’s trips, including  one to Namibia from 10th to 13th July, are firming up.  He will also help some non-NetACT theological colleges with online library catalogues.  Funding is also available to conduct an information-gathering exercise on all the partner colleges this year. 

Thank God for the 6 men in Obiqua Correctional Centre whom Dawn meets fortnightly and who are still committed to changing their lives.  Pray for Jonathan at Drakenstein Maximum to be equipped with patience to listen without losing his temper as he phones his recently divorced wife and their 12 and 13 year old daughter and son. 

Pray for both James and Ruth as they discern what to do next as both their courses finish this summer.

Both Henry and Asanda in Drakenstein Maximum have said how they have been changed in prison and having the time to dedicate to the Lord.  Many of the men I meet are tired of the way they’ve been living and so amazed and overwhelmed by the way a relationship with God does change their lives.  Thank God for both these men who are determined to be changed.

A short-staffed Medium A didn’t have the required officer to supervise the Bible study, so it had to be cancelled.

Pray for guidance for Dawn about helping at a Restorative Justice course a long way from Wellington.  Dawn has been down with a winter bug this week.