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Jacksons Update – May 1st 2020

Barnabas Fund is continuing to support NetACT partners and investigating how to help with salaries.  Pray, however,  that those colleges which are involved in teaching and proclaiming Christ would live up to their verbal profession and not take advantage of the situation by grossly inflating what they claim to be their operating costs.

 Fraser is running a one-man ‘helpdesk’ operation for Hugenote College tutors starting to try online learning tools.  Pray that the students in their homes will be able to access the courses and be able to pay for the internet data required.

 Dawn has had Covid 19 symptoms for a few weeks but is now getting better.  Some prison officials are not taking Covid19 precautions. Pray they will be responsible, especially as cases recorded in prison so far are thought to have been brought in by staff.