Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update, May 4th 2018

Fraser has travelled to Zimbabwe.  There seems to be a law in Zimbabwe outlawing unlicensed journalism which extends to photographs. Fraser doesn’t want to fall foul of this law and end up in a Zimbabwean jail, but he’s been asked to take photos. Pray for wisdom.

Pray that he’ll be able to make an accurate assessment of the situation and needs, resulting in benefits to Murray College, NetACT and theological education in Africa. Most importantly, that God will be glorified.

We moved into House Louise on Hugenote College’s Samuel Campus last Wednesday and it feels as if we’ve truly arrived at last.

The homework club still has no participants, which re-emphasises the importance of personal contacts. Another homework club, run by a different church, started about a year ago for pupils of all ages.  Perhaps God’s plan is for us to get together.  Pray for clarity and contacts.