Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – May 5th 2021

Fraser was able to format the latest book for the NetACT portal very easily. He is now setting up two conferences. The NetACT AGM will be online only on the 5th and 6th May.  On 23rd to 25th June, there will be a hybrid conference (online and face-to-face) to improve online teaching practices.  GIVE THANKS!!! He should have his new laptop tomorrow morning at the latest! Thank you for your prayers. 

An inmate, in Drakenstein Medium A for about 20 years after a savage murder, has been different for years since he surrendered to Jesus.  The Restorative Justice course caused many issues to resurface which he wants to make right and he dearly wants to video chat with his parents who have moved to England.  Pray that a way would be found.

A man in Maximum for rape, has repented and turned to Jesus.  His 16-year-old daughter was recently raped. His heart breaks with remorse for what he did, guilt for the lifestyle he abandoned her to, and frustration at not being there for her. Pray he will know how to reach out for her.

Dawn wasn’t able to go to the Bible study at Allandale prison on Friday as Covid19 had been discovered in one of the rooms. With 25-30 men in each room, it is unlikely that there will be only one case. Please pray for them.

A regular from the Drakenstein Bible studies, released on parole late last year, is back in prison after an angry incident with his girlfriend.  Dawn and Hylma have started a new course on the root causes of anger for the men. Pray that it will go deep and be more than theory.

Another man, on parole, said one of his greatest sources of anger was immediately being told “No” when he applied for a job because of his criminal record. Even those really trying to live honestly wonder why they don’t return to crime when they meet such obstacles and can’t support their families with the basics of food and electricity.

Some people are concerned about Dawn’s safety in South African prisons when the aim of having a warden present is not always met. She feels secure with God as her protection.