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Jacksons Update – November 20th 2019

Steven in Maximum, a general in the 28 prison gang until he became a Christian a few years ago, has been having flashbacks which are now distracting him from his communication with Jesus. Faiek is committed to Jesus but knows he still has a problem with lustful thoughts.

Nico was committed to the 28 prison gang until April this year when he left the gang to follow Jesus. He has a great desire to learn all he can about God as he serves out the remainder of his sentence and then to teach the youth outside.  Pray for the protection of Steven, Faiek and Nico against spiritual attacks. 

The NetAct internet library portal training is finally set for the first week of December and all the participants have their passports.  A NetACT journal is to be launched and there will a changeover at the head of NetACT due to the present head retiring.