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Jacksons Update – November 6th 2019

We need new ideas and resources to offer honest jobs to recently released prisoners so that they won’t return to crime when they’re out as they find it difficult to get work.

Edward, released in August, has no employment but has registered as a bricklayer, is helping others voluntarily and is trusting God to make things happen in the right time.

Marius in maximum is challenged to know how to deal with four “brothers” who try to outdo each other in speaking in tongues. Others in his room who had followed Christ are distancing themselves as a result of the four’s behaviour.

Howard in maximum wants to learn to apply God’s word more deeply to his life.  Though he left the prison gang some time ago, he is finding that some gang members in his room are interested in the way he now lives.

One man in Stellenbosch had his Jordan trainers stolen while he was in hospital.  The Bible classes have helped him forgive the unknown perpetrators.

The last NetACT training session now looks as if it will be the first week of December.  Pray for Fraser as he puts together funding proposals to help some of the smaller colleges with IT infrastructure next year.