Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – November 7th 2018

The South African gangs outside and inside the prisons try to control body, mind and spirit and there is literally no escape from gang influence 24/7.  Pray for new prisoners who don’t want to get involved and that correctional officers already in the pay of the gangs will be removed.

A church in Wellington is to have a “Drugs and Crime Awareness Film Festival” in December, for both young people and their parents, with a large pool of reformed offenders to draw upon for testimonies and insight.  Pray.

Gus, a gang leader in Wellington, is starting to be convicted by the Holy Spirit.  Maxwell and Ashley, ex-drug dealers and gangsters, with lives completely turned around by Jesus, have visited Gus (Maxwell was once his gang leader).  Gus can’t deny the change that Jesus has made in their lives, so pray. There hasn’t been a shooting in Wellington since we started praying about the gang situation two weeks ago.

 Brian is worried that his son Dylan is getting entangled with gangs in Stellenbosch. Brian is keen to lead a godly life when released in a few weeks but is worried about how to react if gangs hurt his son.  Pray for wisdom.