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Jacksons Update – October 17th 2019

We held our nerve in the Bible study in Stellenbosch Prison and continued to work through the Gospels. Now more men are attending and saying they want to follow Jesus.

Into day 2 of the Restorative Justice course at Drakenstein prison, barriers were being overcome and strongholds brought down.  

Faiek in Maximum, sentenced to 23 years, is struggling with the thought of his many years behind bars.  He is now in a “Brothers” (Christian) room where he’s finding some support but is greatly exercised over the divisions and stresses in the family he has left outside.

Derryk in medium is still struggling with depression but felt his burden lift after people prayed for him.   He is concerned that his two children (31 and 18) are no longer responding to his phone calls.

Fraser had a good meeting with the NetACT staff last week.  There is enough money left in the budget for a ‘catch-up’ training session here in Wellington for those who were unable to attend the regional training, but Fraser has to arrange it all.