Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – October 19th 2022 (excerpts)

As Fraser hasn’t been back in the UK since November 2017 we planned for him to go for a few weeks in December/January.  Due to expense, Dawn was going to remain in South Africa.  The Lord is very kind.  Some South Africans were concerned that we would be apart, so offered to buy a ticket for Dawn. 

Fraser’s trip to the Theological Seminary in Lesotho is now set for 7th to 11th November.   Unless the South African Department of Home Affairs gets our new visas organised before then, he will be travelling across international borders (and back, hopefully) on the receipt for our visa applications.  We have been assured it’ll be recognised but it still feels like an act of faith.

Dawn was expecting to be part of Restorative Justice in Drakenstein Medium A this week but it has been postponed again until the last week in November.  Pray that the inmates who’d been expecting to take part will not be discouraged and that these extra weeks will be times of fruitful preparation for them and the ministry team.

Pray for the leadership and team of Hope Prison Ministry.  We all have different ideas about how things should be done.  May the light of Christ shine overwhelmingly through each person.

The usual Tuesday Bible studies at Drakenstein were cancelled too today.  Pray that the men will not be cast down but will be able to draw strength from their individual relationships with Jesus.

Some people may regard the postponement of the RJ as an opportunity to accumulate health and strength: Dawn sees it as more of a chance to catch something else.