Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – October 20th 2021

The men in Drakenstein Maximum and Medium A are engaging with classes on emotional and spiritual maturity. Pray it will lead to a marked growth in their maturity.  The classes are having a thought-provoking effect.

There was a plan in Maximum to stab a warder in a gang initiation. A fellow inmate was stabbed instead. Pray that the cult of the prison gang will be defeated and that the light of Christ will shine brightly in that dark place.

Ebrahim, the musician in Medium A, is worried about his wife’s spiritual and physical health.

The latest issue of the NetACT journal was published last week. Pray for wisdom in choosing a replacement for the editor who retires before the next issue, preferably somebody a native English-speaker.  Pray for NetACT as they negotiate with various institutes to make their resources freely available online to benefit the students in Africa and widen their access to first class material.

South Africa is off the UK red list and its vaccination programme has been validated, making it easier for Dawn’s UK trip in November.

Zebulun church is being threatened for non-payment of rent by the owner’s younger brother. The building had been neglected for years when they took it over.  They agreed to repair it and then negotiate a minimal rent with the owner. With the building now in a much better state, the younger brother sees an opportunity. 

They have little money to pay a commercial rent, regardless of the ethics of the younger brother’s intervention.