Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – September 15th 2021

Edward the ex-prisoner, now working with the young men at Beth Uriel house in Cape Town, is still faithfully following Jesus in the way that he lives and is a great encouragement to the parole officers who see so many men return to prison.  Pray he would obtain the wood and other resources to renovate the hut he want to live in on the Beth Uriel grounds.

Dawn was allowed back into prison today for a Bible study in Maximum. We hope to include Medium A soon.  Ebrahim in Maximum writes and plays songs to encourage the other believers.  A Muslim inmate was felt drawn to join us to learn more about God and has said he’ll return next week. He’s asked for a Bible.

There’s a great problem with violence in South Africa.  Many inmates come from families where beating a child unconscious or hitting him with a brick is an acceptable form of discipline. Some people working in prison ministry or church circles say beating is what they need, it’s what they understand.  What we understand can be changed.

Pray for a revolution in thinking that all who follow Jesus trust him enough to turn the world’s thinking upside down.

Pray for smooth arrangements for us to visit the UK in November!  Ruth had a positive phone call with someone from Student Finance but the information she sent in hasn’t solved the problem.