Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons Update – September 1st 2020

Last Friday, Fraser ‘electronically hosted’ an online Zoom meeting of all the NetACT College Principals from across Africa, live-streamed it on YouTube, and facilitated various text-based discussion forums.  There were over 60 in ‘attendance’ and the afternoon went very well.

A second Zoom meeting for the Portuguese-speaking colleges, was quite a challenge for the translator who listened to the main Zoom meeting on one device and translated for the Portuguese group on a different device.

Fraser was delighted that all 50 NetACT partners sent in a response to a questionnaire regarding the post-Covid19 future of theological education in Africa. 

The next stage is a joint meeting, planned for Wednesday 9th September, with as many other Bible colleges, theological colleges, and seminaries as possible.

Prisons are working at half-numbers and were short-staffed even before covid19 hit.   Security could so easily be compromised through fatigue, burnout, temptation, and violence. The majority of wardens do their best with little appreciation under difficult circumstances.  It is especially challenging for women wardens in male prisons.

The general impression here is that many people are too important to be held to account. Pray for courage, integrity, and protection for those in a position to stand for good leadership and honesty.

Both Dawn and Fraser are still experiencing some of the after-effects of their bouts with (suspected) covid19.  Pray for their restoration to health, especially lungs and stamina.