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Kidnapped Ugandan Children are Found – August 1st 2018

Morning Star News, July 25, 2018

Three children kidnapped in 2015 in eastern Uganda were found in May, malnourished and showing signs of having been indoctrinated in Islam.

Had the children not escaped, they might have been forced into a foreign terrorist group, their father, Badiru Madengho, told Morning Star News.

“It seems the person who took my children had an intention of Islamizing them as well as wanting them to join a terrorist group,” said Madengho, a convert from Islam. “Thank God for saving my children in a miraculous way. Though the children looked miserable, the God who saved them is able to restore them back to good, sound mind.”

Their father suspected Islamists kidnapped them after they came for him but found only the children, who were 10, 7 and 5 years old respectively at the time.

“It has been quite a long period of time looking for my children – I had given up,” Madengho told Morning Star News. “My faith in God had diminished but thank God for sustaining my children. I am very grateful to all the Christians who have continually prayed for us and the children.”