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Laotian Teenager Kicked Out – December 3rd 2020

The Voice of the Martyrs, November 26, 2020

A Laotian teenager was kicked out after her mother and stepfather realized she had become a Christian.

Monthida, 16, accepted Christ after a friend brought her to church. Whenever Monthida would come home late from school, her mother would quiz her on where she had been and why she was late.

When her mother found out Monthida had become a Christian, her stepfather worried he would lose his job if others discovered that someone in his family was a Christian.

He and her mother tried many times to get Monthida to give up her faith, but she would not. Finally, her stepfather told Monthida not to come back home unless she was ready to renounce Christ.

Monthida is now living with a pastor and his family. “Pray that Monthida will not be discouraged,” a Voice of the Martyrs contact in Laos wrote.