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Lethal Trap for Convert to Christianity – September 1st 2021

Morning Star News, 26 August 2021 (excerpts)

Muslim relatives of a former Islamic teacher in Uganda who became a Christian set a trap for him last month, hiring killers to bury him alive in a large ant mound, sources said.

Saban Sajabi, 32, had gained repute as an itinerant sheikh, teaching Islam in various mosques and schools in eastern Uganda, before an uncle led him to faith in Christ in 2015.

He received further threats after marrying Sarah Birungi, a Christian, in 2016.

Birungi said that Sajabi on July 14 received a telephone call saying the uncle who led him to Christ, Shadrach Hasakya, was suffering a serious illness.

“We left Jinja immediately, leaving behind our children ages 6 and 2 under the care of the house girl,” she said.

Arriving at about 8 p.m., they were warmly greeted by motorcyle taxi drivers who offered to take them to Hasakya’s home in Kabula, Birungi said.

They paid for one motorcyclist each to take them to the uncle’s home, and upon reaching a swamp the one carrying Sajabi said he had run out of fuel, she said.

“Immediately two motorcycles arrived carrying three men each.  They started beating my husband and then dragged him to a nearby anthill, dug into it and pushed his head inside, and he breathed his last.”

“What you have witnessed happening to your husband today is for the disobedience of your husband not heeding the advice given by the family that he should return to Islam, since Islam cannot tolerate infidels,” one of the assailants told her, Birungi said.