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Mexican Candidates on Peace with Religions – March 20th

International Christian Concern, 13th March 2024

As elections in Mexico approach, Presidential candidates are scrambling to gain the favour of the religious population of Mexico. With three primary candidates left in the race, Claudia Sheinbaum, Xohitl Galvez, and Jorge Alvarez Maynez, the question of how candidates plan to address the issues plaguing Mexico has become vitally important.

Of the approximately 129 million people in Mexico, 78% identify as Roman Catholic, 10% as Protestant or Evangelical Protestant and 1.5% as other religious groups. The constitution of Mexico guarantees freedom of religion, including the right to participate in religious ceremonies or worship.

While the constitution and the broad culture do not indicate persecution, church leaders, particularly that of the Catholic Church, face extreme persecution due to their position as a “moral authority.”  During the rule of outgoing president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, two Jesuit Priests were brutally murdered in the north of Mexico, drastically affecting the relationship between the president and the religious community.

We pray that the commitment made by the three presidential candidates will come to fruition regardless of the election results.

We pray that the Lord would reveal Himself to the people of Mexico through the presidential election and be glorified through the results.