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Mexicans Celebrate Baptism Amid Pressure – June 1st 2022

Voice of the Martyrs, May 26, 2022 (excerpts)

Christians in Oaxaca state recently celebrated baptism to proclaim their faith publicly despite ongoing opposition from their community.  In the past few years, members of the community have openly opposed the Christians, making false accusations against them, calling them thieves, destroying their homes and shooting at them randomly.

Because of this hostility, the Christians planned a baptism celebration, expecting members of the community to oppose or prevent the gathering.

However, the Christians held the service publicly and the pastor preached the gospel openly, baptizing many new believers in obedience to God’s Word without opposition from the community.

Praise God for the believers’ bold obedience in the midst of a hostile community.  Pray that their faithful witness will lead others in their community to faith in Christ.

Specific areas within southern Mexico have a high concentration of indigenous minority groups.  These minority communities, which maintain a separate identity and language, are systematically oppressed by local authorities.

Christians among them are persecuted by Marxist and animist groups as well as village leaders.

These communities are remotely located and difficult to reach.  Despite persecution, the number of Christians has continued to grow in these areas.