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Mobs shut down church services in Sri Lanka – August 20th 2018

Barnabas Fund, 14 August 2018

Mobs shut down multiple church services across Sri Lanka in July, with Christians facing intimidation and violence.

On 15 July, Buddhist monks, accompanied by 20 villagers, gathered at a church in south-west Sri Lanka following the service. They demanded a halt to the services, threatened to assault the Christians unless they complied, and shouted abuse and death threats at the church members.

A church in eastern Sri Lanka, halted its service on 8 July when a 50-60 strong mob, including public officials, surrounded it. They threatened to attack the church if they did not stop their service within 15 minutes. The pastor complied, after which the mob dispersed.

Another service was also disrupted on the same day after Buddhist monks, supported by villagers, invaded the meeting, assaulted a church member and took Bibles.