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Morag – July 3rd (excerpts)


The night before Alaween’s wedding (the local lad who has been on a spiritual journey), I spent a precious evening with him, his mum and younger siblings at their home. Taking me home in his car he played the song, ‘The Way Maker’ saying, ‘this is still my favourite song’.

Aamir, the brother of Mustafa from Bangladesh who lost his life after a JCB accident, continues to reach out to John, from Bangladesh who served on the Logos Hope. He said recently that he had given his life to our ‘Best Friend’!

At a meeting on ‘injustices amongst migrant workers’, I met a local man from the Labour Marketing Regulatory Agency who had loved every minute of his training in Scotland! He gave me his email and mobile number if I needed his help in trying to help trolley boys, cleaners etc. at the labour camp.

Prayer Requests

For Awad and his family in Sudan. God miraculously provided enough to get all 8 of his family members out from the area where the war and atrocities are raging. However, because of internet failure for almost 5 weeks now, sadly he has not been able to contact them nor send the money needed to get them out.

For all Trolley Boys working in the mall whose boss has not renewed their visas and who are now illegal in the country. The LMRA representative I recently met is willing to try and help them.

For the future of the Kiosk. We were told last week that we should hear this week if our request for a rent reduction has been approved.